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The large database was filmed over successive days in the summer of 2001. Each subject was filmed from six different views, with two views (fronto-parallel and oblique) per scenario. Three scenarios existed - outside, inside track and inside treadmill.

All data is stored as a pre-cut digital video (DV) file contains at least one complete gait cycle, with a corresponding XML file of the same filename structure describing the dv file.

Please note: data is only currently available for cameras a,b,d and e.

Example images and DV

Normal track (021a001s00R.dv)
Normal treadmill (part of 021b001.dv)
Normal outside (021e001s00R.dv)
Normal track (021a001s00R.dv - 21MB)
Normal treadmill (part of 021b001.dv - 14MB)
Normal outside (021e001s00R.dv - 13MB)

(Click to view DV file.)

File naming convention


  1. Session number (SSS)
  2. Camera ID (C)
    • "a" = normal track
    • "d" = oblique track
    • "b" = normal treadmill
    • "c" = oblique treadmill
    • "e" = normal outside
    • "f" = oblique outside
  3. Subject Number (NNN)
  4. Data type (T)
    • "b" = background
    • "s" = subject
  5. Sequence number (00)
  6. Direction of walk (D)
    • "L" = subject is walking towards left of scene
    • "R" = subject is walking towards right of scene
  7. File extension (.dv / .xml)

Downloads / browse database

First, please read the downloads page for instructions on accessing the database. Browse the large database. Also, for the additional subject, session and measurement data, see the info directory.

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