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All of the DV footage in the database has a corresponding XML file that documents important information regarding the file in question. Each of the camera views has a slightly different format (though we are working towards a single format). The XML for the large database is mostly complete and correct, but the XML for the small database is in a state of transistion.

In addition to the XML files, there are also spreadsheets and text files regarding subject and session information and various measurements of the lab.

Example XML files

The way these xml files are displayed is dependent on your browser. It may be necessary to download (SHIFT-click, or right-click on the links) the files and view them with a text editor. Internet Explorer will notice the lack of a style file and default to showinga tree view, Mozilla will notice the lack of a style file, parse the XML and display "No comment" (the only textual field in the examples).

Large database

These are mostly complete, but may change in order to unify the format.

Small database

These are initial revisions and will change soon.

Downloads / browse database

First, please read the downloads page for instructions on accessing the database. Browse the xml directory or look in the "xml" subdirectory of each camera directory. Also, for the additional subject, session and measurement data, see the info directory.

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