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The small database consists of at least 10 (currently 12) subjects filmed walking around the inside track, with a green chroma-key backdrop. Each subject was filmed wearing a variety of footwear, clothes and carrying various bags. They were also filmed walking at different speeds. Each subject's data was captured during one long filming session, and all subjects are also within the large database using the same subject number. Please note, no treadmill data or outside data is available for this database.

As with the large database, each digital video (DV) pre-cut file contains at least one complete gait cycle and has a corresponding XML file describing it.

Please note: currently this database is incomplete and changes without warning.

Example images and DV

Normal track (036a037s010e22R.dv)
Normal elevated(039e010s011e10R.dv)
Normal track (036a037s010e22R.dv - 9MB)
Normal elevated (039e010s011e10R.dv - 6MB)
Oblique (036d037s010e25R.dv)
Oblique (036f023s008e04R.dv)
Oblique (036d037s010e25R.dv - 9MB)
Frontal (036f023s008e04R.dv - 8MB)

(Click to view DV file.)

File naming convention


  1. Session number (SSS)
  2. Camera ID (C)
    • "a" = normal track
    • "d" = oblique track
    • "e" = normal, elevated view of track
    • "f" = frontal view of track
  3. Subject Number (NNN)
  4. Data type (T)
    • "b" = background
    • "s" = subject
  5. Experiment number (EEEe) - small "e" is a separator character
    • "000" = subject walking in flip flops
    • "001" = subject walking with bare feet
    • "002" = subject walking in socks
    • "003" = subject walking in boots
    • "004" = subject walking in trainers
    • "005" = subject walking in own shoes
    • "006" = subject wearing rain coat
    • "007" = subject wearing trenchcoat
    • "008" = subject carrying hand bag (held in hand)
    • "009" = subject carrying barrel bag (slung over shoulder, bag at hip height)
    • "010" = subject carrying barrel bag (carried by hand on shoulder)
    • "011" = subject carrying rucksack
    • "012" = subject walking slowly
    • "013" = subject walking quickly
    • "014" = subject walking at normal speed (same conditions as experiment 005)
  6. Sequence number (00)
  7. Direction of walk (D)
    • "L" = subject is walking towards left of scene
    • "R" = subject is walking towards right of scene
  8. File extension (.dv / .xml)

Downloads / browse database

First, please read the downloads page for instructions on accessing the database. Browse the small database. Also, for the additional subject, session and measurement data, see the info directory.

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