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During the course of shooting the large and small databases, still photographs (2240x1680) were taken of the subjects at the time of filming. For the large database, there are two views - one with the subject standing side-on to the camera and one with the subject standing front-on. For the small database, there is also a picture of the subject's normal shoes (just in case it might be useful).

The large and small databases can be distinguished by their session numbers. Sessions 008 to 035 inclusive cover the large database and sessions 038 to 060 cover the small database.

There are also some stills of the lab setup (not properly sorted or labelled yet).

The digital camera used to take the stills was a Sony DSC-F505V.

File naming convention


  1. Session number (SSS)
  2. Camera ID (C) "z" for Sony still camera
  3. Subject Number (NNN)
  4. Still Photo (p)
  5. View (V) "s" = side on, "f" = facing / front, "w" = footwear
  6. File extension (.jpg)

Example images

Side on photo (019z067ps.jpg) Frontal photo (011z029pf.jpg) Photo of footwear (056z118pw.jpg)
Side-on (019z067ps.jpg) Front-on (011z029pf.jpg) Footwear (056z118pw.jpg)

(click for full res ~1.4MB each)

Downloads / browse database

Browse the still photos directory. Read the downloads page for instructions for accessing the database.

See the README files (README.smalldb, README.largedb) for problems, missing shots or other additional information about the still photos.

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